Kim Kardashian Shows Off Diaper-changing Talents On ‘jimmy Kimmel Live’ – Abc News

Kardashian and Kimmel raced to change the dolls — remove the diaper, dispose of the used diaper, wipe the baby (back to front or front to back? Whichever way it goes, Kimmel said) — then fasten a new diaper and put the baby in a crib. Kim Kardashian Considered Adopting Thai Child Kardashian, 33, wore a low-cut bustier and an emerald jacket-dressing gown-robe for her appearance. The outfit drew its own headlines, Kimberly Kardashian Wests modus operandi. She slipped off her wedding ring before the start of the contest, resting the bauble in a corner of the crib. This task required full attention and dexterity. While Kimmel cracked jokes during the competition, riffing with sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez, Kardashian focused on the task at hand, showing off her diaper-changing skill following the birth of daughter North with hubby Kanye West. The sound of crying babies provided a soundtrack for the change-off.
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